UFO spotted in Hurst, TX, at 6:45 pm cst 13 April 2008

Added: April 15, 2008

I was filming the moon in infrared just in case a UFO flew by and I saw this with my naked eye. It was a shining bright white light that was pulsating. This is not a plane nor is it a satellite nor a bird. It is a real UFO. When I first saw it with the naked eye it was flying right to left but then went back to the right and if you look very carefully you can see that it is descending and moving at an angle to the right as it descend.

Watch when I take it off infrared and you can clearly see the spherical UFO. I could not see it until playback when I was not filming in infrared nor when I put it back on infrared. This is in North Texas in Hurst, Tx about 80 miles north of Stephenville, TX. I think this UFO is about 40-50 ft around and at the end of the video was not more than 1200 ft away from me and about 400ft up.

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