OMEFT Stephenville UFO Investigation - Ricky Sorrells' Ranch Tour Video Released!

Air Force Sitting Tight-Lipped On Sorrells' Saucer Sighting

By E.T.

These events occurred in mid to late January 2008...
After the Stephenville UFO sighting and Ricky Sorrells's sighting became public, I called Karl Lewis who is the Public Affairs Officer (PAO) for the 301st Fighter Wing, stationed at the Ft. Worth NAS.

I told him that I knew someone who lives in Dublin Texas who was hunting on his own property around the middle of December 2007 when he saw a UFO.

I didn't mention "Ricky Sorrells" by name.

I told Mr. Lewis that the hunter looked up and saw a UFO "the size of 3 football fields" and was silent.

I told him how it took off in the blink of an eye, without making a sound. I then asked Mr. Lewis if anything abnormally large and fast was tracked on radar near Dublin.

Lewis said if anything was tracked on radar I should contact the FAA.
I asked for his comment on what I had told him and he said:

"Sir, I can't speculate on what he might have seen.
All I can tell you is that we had F-16s up in the air that night."

So I called the FAA.

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