OMEFT - Open Minds Expeditionary Field Team - Angelia Joiner and Ricky Sorrells Exclusive Interview - Stephenville, Texas UFO Sightings

As a proud member of OMEFT (Open Minds Expeditionary Field Team), which has their first assignment in Stephenville, Texas to investigate the recent UFO sightings, I had the opportunity to video-tape today's event.

OMEFT members from all over the US gathered at Ricky Sorrells' property for a short greeting and briefing. Ricky was so kind to lead us to the place where he had his first sighting.

Angelia Joiner accompanied us and asked all the important questions, just like a skilled reporter does. Below you will see 2 excerpts of the footage. The complete documentary will be made available as soon as the footage of all members has been evaluated.

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Anonymous said...

Ricky is a changed man as a result of his sighting. He is going to have the media spotlight and you know what, if THEY are watching they might swoop down and choose Ricky as their representative for DISCLOSURE. Something to think about.

This Stephenville activity is evolving into a new stage, especially now that so many people are watching the sky.

Thanks for sharing that footage of the OMEFT.