OMEFT meets Sorrells by Angelia Joiner

OMEFT meets Sorrells
Posted 4-7-2008
By ANGELIA JOINER - Stephenville Lights Reporter

Ricky gives his account to members The Open Minds Expeditionary Field Team (OMEFT) came from near and far to converge on Ricky Sorrells' property near Dublin, Texas, in hopes of encountering the object that he claims frequently visits his place and the surrounding area in Erath County.

The team formed more than a month ago after receiving an invitation from Sorrells. And, finally, the plan came to fruition and the members have been sky watching throughout the area since April 4, 2008.

Sorrells is hoping someone can get a glimpse of what he has seen several times and has never been able to identify. He's hoping someone will go on the record with him because the one friend with him when a sighting occurred is not willing to do so.

"I just want someone else to see what I've seen," Sorrells said. "That's why I invited the people from the Open Minds Forum to come down. I hope we can get lucky and they can see it, too."

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