Man claims Alien Abduction by an UFO in Stephenville, Texas

UFO watchers find fewer saucers

Posted on Sunday, April 13, 2008

EUREKA SPRINGS— Aliens wear cowboy hats, or at least some of them do.

“I finished it too soon,” author Don Ray Walton said about his book that he says needs to be rewritten because beings from outer space gave him new information when they picked him up outside of Stephensville, Texas, earlier this year.

“I’ll have to rewrite the 12 th chapter,” he said of The Coming Human Aliens as hundreds of believers and curiosity seekers wandered by him Saturday during the 20 th annual Ozark UFO Conference in Eureka Springs.

Clad in a leather jacket, felt hat and brown cowboy boots, Walton looked like someone from Texas, which he calls home. Originally, he says he is from a little farther out.

“The Orion star system,” he said, adding that it’s pronounced “Our Ion,” as that is where the creator is.

Sitting on the lower floor of the convention center at the Inn of the Ozarks, Walton explained the aliens’ most recent message: Our solar system is heading toward a massive black hole.

In the next four years, humans will be offered salvation from representatives of 143, 999 alien races, Walton said.

The ships will only take those that are willing and ready, Walton said. It is up to each person to decide whether to go with the aliens or to stay and be devoured by the black hole.

At this conference, which continues today, he wasn’t the only one talking about other-world experiences.

The three-day conference had nine speakers on topics ranging from crop circles to preparing to meet aliens.

There were no tin-foil hats or alien costumes. The crowd in the conference center appeared little different from those windowshopping downtown.

Of course, there may have been a heightened sense of questioning authority at the conference, as a sign inside the door read: “All government agents must register at the front desk and must wear name tags at all times NO EXCEPTIONS.” Featured speakers included Ted Phillips, a researcher from the Center for Physical Trace Research in Missouri.

Phillips gave a talk on evidence left by alien visitors, such as skeletons of calves left next to large burned circles on the ground. The traditional flying saucer is less and less common, he said, and aliens now are more likely to travel on powerful light orbs or beams, which would explain the burned circles.

Another of the lectures focused on recent UFO sightings in Texas that gained international attention. Video of scattered lights in the sky above a rural area were shown on CNN and on newscasts before the U. S. Air Force said it had planes conducting drills in the region. At first, the military denied any activity.

The conference attracted people from all of the country, and some who wandered in, such as Skip Lotten from Missouri.

Lotten said that he and his wife, who declined to give her name, were enjoying the event and learning from the speakers, who were helping to fill “the blank spaces in our ideas.” Along with the books and lectures were novelty items handmade by Stacia Noteman, who said she had seen a glowing light in the sky as a youth in Ohio. After seeing the lights, she brought her sister Betsy Hass, a UFO book vendor at the conference, out for a look.

“I don’t remember seeing anything, but the next day I was sick as a dog,” Hass said.

Blocks away in downtown Eureka Springs, many people had heard of the conference.

“In Eureka Springs, anything is pretty much accepted as normal,” said Michael Teague, who was walking downtown with his daughter Marley. He would have been interested in attending, but Teague said that his daughter is “scared to death of the subject matter.” Saturday’s UFO convention was the first for Mike Smith of Springdale. Smith has been interested in UFOs for more than 20 years, he said. Although he doesn’t report them, he said that anyone can see them if they look hard enough. “It’s an escape of your thoughts of the everyday things,” Smith said, of watching for UFOs.

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Alien Contactee said...

Ohhhhh come on. It was discovered 8 years ago that Orion has 13 planets and they're all "free-floating planets" drifting through a vast cloud of gas and dust in outer space.

There are absolutely no planets in the Orion star system that are habitable in any way, shape or form.

Now this kind of stuff spreads like wildfire and I already got a Google Alert on an Arkansas newspaper that has this too. Darnit! That's disinformation as is this post in here.

Anonymous said...

I’m just an Old Soul Passing through, with something important to say

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There is so much I could say about this era, But in all my endeavors, one matter most important to me, is to bring people to the understanding that all Souls Designed and Created by GOD, were done so in a Higher Celestial regions, and so were their first existence on a Flat land of Earth, Global Domains or City size or State size-Ships. And that it wasn't until after that noted 'falling from place of Man' that such Man began to accumulate on the face (outer appearance) of this global Earth, and that a Satan celestial colony through trickery became as a government god to this planet, in this manner controlling most every aspect of celestial and earthen governments. Added to this I would like to ask , how do you see Jesus of Nazareth or the Mohammed returning for their people ? By elevated support of feathered wings supported by a cloud? or Wings of Flight of superior technology, who the clouds give way for their passing ……. As far as unidentified Flying Objects, such Flight of advance technology have been kept from surface dwellers on this side of Earth’s frequency Veil, since before Earth’s evolution; but such matters will soon have to be made public. I just want people to know GOD exist, no matter what era of technology we enter.


So much in Bibles or written with metaphors simulating matters in a way ‘minds of eras’ could understand, and at the same time many verses were speaking of both a past, present and sometimes a related future situation, most such verses covering multiple situations are most often not rightly divided in their presentations; but nevertheless; Satan and Beelzebub in their creation were and are of the same celestial ‘family alliance’; and in speaking of matters ‘before the falling out of place of man’. Satan set in top position in an oblong celestial pocket of heaven as an archangel host and leader of one particular group of people associated with white light energy; their oblong pocket of heaven held 5 separate inner dimensional levels, each referred to as a different dimensional zone; positioned in the 5th zone was the ‘leviathan celestial host’ and Beelzebub the leader of this particular Reptilian group of intelligent beings.


The roman catho-lics, are of an ancient celestial power source designed for the functioning of a ‘cathode-satellite-relay-station’ ….. such a celestial placed relay station has both been referred to as a cherub, and a celestial ‘angle host’ …. this ancient facility, sets as the highest ‘6th point of light’ in a particular ‘6 count star group‘, it marks ‘6 portal gateways’ to their established colonized alignment …….. The dark side of earth moon was long since invaded and taken over of the moon’s original ancient facility by these distant travelers ….. They had cunningly presented themselves at the right place, at the right time, during the era noted as the first Christmas …. Things in the heaven and things in the earth have often coincided, even though time frames were different.

Once this celestial colony was set in place, a lot of wrongful changes took place …. one of which a frequency shift about the planet occurred which disconnected the original celestial alliance associated with earth’s core, linking earth with this cathode satellite alignment ….. After which, any and all celestials associated with earth’s core, who wanted to sustain their power facilities, had to now draw from the cathode satellite relay station … such a satellite’s transmitter of ions, was set for receivers of a positive receptors, which was to sustain a negative energy supply …. This was of a reverse process to those of the original celestial alliance …. But unknowingly in undergoing their power facilities ‘reversal of reception‘, they each forfeited capabilities of accelerating outside this this Seventh Universal Plane, which was what the cathode colony in trickery had indicated …. All this and so much more, was going on in pockets of heaven, unknowingly to surface dwellers of earth.

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We set on an evolved planet that is so tiny, if you were to place it against the known planet Pollex, earth would be so small, it would be invisible. A God Head is in control even there; so names are not so as import as a God Head’s good characteristics.

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each Mind Soul and their inherited Pyramid Host, were linked as one thinking entity, and was leader and provider of their given Celestial Colony; each Mind Soul capable of existing as ‘Charged Energy’, could step down at will, from the Pyramid’s powerful Field of Electrical Charged Plasma Energy, which was contained within the framework’s ‘top unit’ …. such a unit was referred to as the ‘Pyramid’s Eye’;

but a Pyramid MAN Host in his gargantuan design, are not to be confused with the much much smaller Pyramid Power Facilities referred to as a King and Queen Pyramid Host; Colony’s associated with a King and Queen Pyramid Power Facility, are similar in size to that molded cast, referred to as the Sphinx: these giant structural Hosts existed long before the Creation and era which began the Pyramid MAN Host;

but since the falling from place, countless numbers of the Queen and King types of frameworks, have been referred to as MAN Facilities.


There have been references to a Reptilian colony eating the Souls of humanity. I am aware of their need for a ‘Soul’s flesh’, which is the ‘energy bulk’ in which the Mind’s Soul accumulates; these such evil reptilians are those in which the bible referrers to as Beelzebub; they are the reptilian colony associated with the light-colony of Satan, who are perpetrators of the good-white light; before the axis shift of this planet, Lucifer was Lord of the land atop the inner mantled core which we call Earth; Lucifer’s Reptilian Colony was associated, as being the foot-hold to the Celestial Alliance having 13 Colonies set in Higher places; Lucifer is a separate Reptilian Colony than Beelzebub of Satan; yet Lucifer has been wrongfully blamed for most all evil deeds done by Satan;

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In maters concerning early Creations in Higher Celestial Places; there were linked to each individual ‘Mother Sphere’ (which stands in sizes similar to Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune); and the each ‘An Archangel Satellite Host‘ which stood nearly as tall as Earth‘s Moon stands in length), were their associated ‘Colony Alliance’; each of these ‘Domicile’ Mother Sphere and Archangel Satellite Hosts, when Created in their beginning, had a ‘Mantled Core Facility’ put in place which were similar in size to Earth’s inner Core;. Each such Core Facility was positioned as a ‘Foot Setting’ to their Colony Alliance;

Designated works of each Core Facility produced and maintained a very hot, rocky and barren outer surface; because of this, Colonies associated with the Core Facility, evolved and adaptation to their land and the atmosphere to their small inner-fold of space, which was also very hot; In open skies of this hidden fold of space, set this colony’s own large Satellite Structure, which have been referred to as both a Leviathan Host, and a Cherub; the name Cherub was also given to each Celestial Colony‘s own Satellite Host which controlled the opening and closing of portal entries into and out of their specific ‘Open Pocket of Space’; Cherubs have been referred to as Angels and Light Houses; each Cherub was also known my the name of the Governing ‘Mind Soul’, in which GOD had put in charge; such a Mind Soul could exist as a ‘Plasma Glow of Energy’, and also possess what every physical form their Colony consisted of;

In the beginning, all things Created were Created Good; and held their own needed and significant places; Only after the noted fall of Man, did some Reptilians in Creation turn wicked and evil.


I would like to share an understanding of concerns of certain women who have felt the fetus of a pregnancy kick, and to later find there was no fetus in the womb; Sectors of the governing high are part responsible for this; a few celestial associated with Earth, are yet different in appearance, and what better way to be counted among the inhabitant of the Earth than to appear as a descendant; genetically engineered clones are not capable of the coming quickening or rapture; yet inseminated babies taken in their early stages before a soul has entered, can withstand a designated soul transfer. The taking of babies in this manner are yet secretly practiced; many earthen females are looked upon as such breeders;


This Planet X …… set’s in it’s own ‘fold of space’ having it’s ‘own reality’ ….. Earth is at this time ‘out of sync’ and ‘out of alignment’ with it’s frequency, making it out of actual physical contact reach …. When the Earth shift back on it’s axis, this will correct itself ….

Earth’s scientist have been proven it’s existence, only by celestials pinpointing out, the ‘cause and effect’ that the Planet generates during it’s orbiting course which is seen by telescopes when peering out into dark space ….

Being kept in this fold of space, have allowed Planet X to evolve in it’s own protective Dimensional Zone …. When all Celestial things are put back in place, the Core of this planet will set in this same fold of space, but as a ‘red-hot mantled rock’, which will have by this time, shed all of it’s outer crust ….


Humanoid Reptilians have been a part of this planet a very very very long time. Infiltrations are broad an deep …. Each time Earth cycles in an apparent Armageddon era, they go deep underground until that era passes. But I’m to even give them warning, this time is the last time around and there will be no more regrouping after the fact. The core will complete it’s transformation, leaving no inner or upper hiding place. It’s now not to late for even a turned bad reptilian to mend their ways, make restitution.


The design and creation of Earth's core was and is more than just a random creation of nature. From the beginning Earth's core was purposed for a specific celestial function, and has now begin a timely predestined shift of it's mantle plates in the ‘at first’ gradual return back to it's original function. Such regressing changes are those which has off-sit increasing earthquakes, rising surface temperature, and increasing temperature changes in ocean and sea floors which will continue heating up until all such waters reach boiling degrees and began to evaporate. BUT THAT’S JUST THE BEGINNING !. The mantled core will return to such a heated state until the very surface and crust of Earth’s surface will peel away from the core as one would peal off the hull of an orange and cast it into space. The Core of this Planet will become once again a temporary supper-heated source similar to that which scientist knew had to exist, but didn’t understand where it came from, or what it actually was that cause the accumulation of cosmic element unto the combustion of that big bang. This in a much much smaller since makes our solar system ground zero for a very special work which will soon take place, the Core will not be working alone.


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