Texas Official Demands Answers About Alleged UFO

Sep 5, 2008 6:30 pm US/Central

Texas Official Demands Answers About Alleged UFO

STEPHENVILLE (CBS 11 News) ― Dozens of Stephenville residents reported seeing UFOs in the area in January. At first, the military reported there were no aircraft in the area that night. Two weeks later, officials said they were conducting training exercises in the area.

Now some city officials want to know if a government exercise was being performed, why they weren't notified ahead of time.

"I want to know why public officials weren't notified of a large military operation in our area," said Stephenville City Councilmember Mark Murphy. He has filed a complaint with U. S. Air Force and the Federal Aviation Administration, demanding answers.

"My main concern is public safety," said Councilman Murphy. "I want to make sure that if anything like this is going on, people are alerted."

But residents were mixed on what the public needs to know.

"I think the government needs to let us know when we need to know, but on something like this, it's not appropriate," said Stephenville resident Cliff McMinn.

"I think the city has a right to know," said Dell Eastwood, a resident of Stephenville. "I guess the federal government doesn't think they do."

According to a local aviation expert, the military must communicate with the FAA, but they are not required to contact city officials. Councilman Murphy thinks that rule should be changed.

"Just so we know they're going to be operating in this area," he said. "It's only a courtesy - intergovernmental courtesy."

Councilman Murphy says he doesn't need to know details about what the military was doing over the skies of Stephenville that night, he just wants corrective action to be taken.

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Complaints Filed with FAA on Stephenville Case by Texas Representative


Stephenville Texas representative to Place 7 Mr. Mark Murphy has filed complaints with the FAA and the DOT (pursuant to 14 CFR 13 on air safety) on behalf of himself, his family, and his constituents as an elected representative regarding the events which took place over Stephenville Texas on the evening of January 8, 2008.

Mr. Murphy requested a reprimand of the USAF for large scale military operations in a populated area without notification of local authorities. City officials are supposed to be notified when such events are going to take place. No such notification was given prior to the F-16s flying over the city.

This is a bold step to force some action which is long over due. The fact that there were F-16s flying in and around the Stephenville area is serious because Stephenville is not within the military operating zone. Long time Stephenville resident and UFO witness Steve Allen said he saw a large UFO pass over head at a high rate of speed followed by a F-16 in pursuit.

All 301st public affairs chief Maj. Karl Lewis said is that 10 F-16s were in the sky that evening flying a training mission. No mention of large UFOs which out-passed F-16s as the multiple witnesses said they saw.

More at: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2008b/faacomplaint.html