Angelia Joiner speaks at the X-Conference - Audio Links for the Jerry Pippin Show

In this overview of the conference, Jerry visits with special correspondent Angelia Joiner about what went on at the conference and some of the anecdotes about covering a conference of this type located in the heart of the political establishment. Angelia tells about Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, her brush with naval intelligence and other highlights of the conference. MP3 - Running time: 15 minutes, 9 seconds - Windows Media Version

Angelia Joiner, the reporter who made Stephenville Texas famous over the January 8, 2008 UFO sighting and vice versa has joined our staff as special correspondent. She is covering the X-Conference this weekend. Stephen Bassett, who is the force behind the X-Conference that centers on politics in relation to UFO disclosure, joins Jerry and Angelia in a discussion of the conference and issues related to disclosure. Then in the second half of the program Jerry visits with Angelia about the details and events surrounding the Stephenville UFO sights; yes there has been more than one sighting. The story behind her leaving the newspaper, the local radio stations and her dealings with the US Air Force is discussed candidly in this interview. MP3 - Running time: 1 hour, 13 seconds - Part 1 Part 2

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