Possible UFO Sighting In Stephenville

Possible UFO Sighting In Stephenville

Reporter: Matt Collins

At about 7:15pm this evening on the horizon in the North West, there they were 3 hovering bright red lights.

Nothing like I have ever seen.

They would sporadically appear and disappear in different locations in the same part of the sky.

I waited for about five minutes and finally another light, of the same brightness and intensity, appeared in the same location, only this time it was moving across the horizon.

Just like the other lights before it, this one disappeared the same way.

Me and my sister both witnessed the lights over Stephenville.

The reason I know these were not airplanes or jets is because just off to the North of the UFO's was the path that airliners and other jets arrive at DFW, so I had an almost side by side comparison of the two different crafts as a point of reference to make my judgment call.