UFOs Spotted Over San Antonio

Also seen near Victoria and Corpus Christi the night of the Stephenville sightings

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The flurry of Unidentified Flying Objects spotted near Stephenville earlier this month extended to San Antonio and UFO's were also spotted over Victoria and as far south as Corpus Christi, 1200 WOAI's Bud Little has learned.

Some 200 people reported seeing UFO's over Stephenville, in Erath County southeast of Dallas on the evening of January 8th. But Walter Andrus Junior, the co-founder of the Mutual UFO Network, says the same night, unidentified objects were spotted in the skies over San Antonio, visible in the western sky and reported by observers at Interstate 10 and Wurzbach Road, on the northwest side.

"They say a large, cigar shaped object in the western sky," Andrus said. "It had many lights on it, from front to back."

Andrus says MUFON will talk with people in San Antonio, as well as in Victoria and near Corpus Christi, who also saw the objects that night. He says it's a lot easier to get statements out of people about UFO's today than when he helped start MUFON in the 1970s, because what is referred to as the 'laughter curtain' which painted people who said they saw UFOs as cranks or worse, has been lifted.

"The lights were so bright that it was difficult to estimate the size of the object," Andrus says about the UFO sightings over Texas.

He says a complete report on the sightings may not be completed until the end of 2008.

More UFO Sightings Reported Over Texas

More UFO Sightings Reported Over Texas

More UFO sightings in TX reported and as far away as San Diego

By Armando Duke

(AXcess News) Houston - While the first UFO sightings over Stephenville, Texas drew mass media attention, it turns out that eyewitnesses were reporting UFO sightings over San Antonio and Corpus Christi on the same night. Now, more eyewitness accounts have come in of UFO sightings that took place in San Diego on January 8th and near Stephenville, UFO sightings were reported on the 9th and 10th.

It appears that lights in the sky over Texas ran rampant for three nights in a row following the mass near-hysteria attention the Stephenville, TX UFO sightings brought when the local newspaper reported the first unidentified flying object eye witness accounts.

According to the Stephenville Empire-Tribune story, Steve Allen, Mike Odom and Lance Jones all witnessed the phenomena that Tuesday night.

The newspaper account reported that Allen was at the home of Mike Odom in Selden about 6:15 p.m. when they suddenly noticed flashing lights about "3,500 feet above ground level," he said.

"The ship wasn't really visible and was totally silent, but the lights spanned about a mile long and a half mile wide," Allen said. "The lights went from corner to corner. It was directly above Highway 67 traveling towards Stephenville at a high rate of speed - about 3,000 miles per hour is what I would estimate."

Meanwhile, WOAI Radio in San Antonio reported that UFO sightings took place that same night over the city and were seen by dozens of witnesses. The Mutual UFO Network, or MUFON, reported that accounts were coming in as far away as Corpus Christi, all identifying similar UFO characteristics as the lights seen over Stephenville earlier that night.

MUFON's Texas chapter website carries eyewitness accounts of UFO sightings taking place the following evening and again on January 10th, reporting similar characteristics of bight lights, no sound and rapid high-speed travel.

On January 9th, one witness reported that he watched the UFO for about five minutes, using 50-power binoculars that gave him a clear image of the lights on the UFO. "I saw three distinct sets of lights, one small light on top a larger light, two fairly close together, one some distance away. I watched for approx. five minutes, they did not move," the UFO witness reported.

In a separate UFO sighting that same night, another witness said "I have seen these strobbing lights three different times now. The first time was about a month ago outside of Cisco on hwy 183. All three times it happened on the same route, only this time out of nowhere these huge bright lights appeared in the same manner as before. The lights were big and round and as they would each light up they started out dim and instantly got brighter, almost like huge spotlights," the UFO witness exclaimed.

Then on Thursday January 10th, a man traveling with his daughter driving from Eastland towards Lake Leon in a south easterly direction said, "We spotted two large bright lights like stars. The two lights moved towards each other very, very fast...faster than anything I had ever seen. They looked like they meet and then five or six smaller lights dispersed out in a circular pattern away from them and then everything just was gone." "We thought we were seeing things," the man said.

An alert reader hooked me up with a youtube video of a Fox News channel 6 report of a UFO sighting near San Diego - that took place on the same night as the Stephenville, Texas UFO sightings. In that two-minute clip, two eyewitnesses describe the unidentified flying object as being huge, with lights and making no sound at all before zipping away at lightening speed.

Many of the reports shown here were gathered by the Mutual UFO Network or, MUFON, which attempts to use a scientific approach in its investigations into the mystery surrounding UFO sightings.

MUFON co-founder Walter Andrus Jr. says more people are willing to come forward today and report UFO sightings than in the past. The Texas chapter of MUFON it seems has its hands full these days and Andrus was quoted as saying that MUFON would be working on its Stephenville and other Texas UFO sightings probably throughout the year because there was so much information to follow up on.

I hope to catch up with a MUFON representative here in Texas later this week and provide readers a first-hand interview into why all of a sudden there is so much UFO activity across Texas and if the saucer-chasers think the object seen over San Diego's evening skies on January 8th might be the same UFO -- or a different one altogether.

While I thank our many, many readers who've been sending us their own experiences with UFO sightings - and even some implant discoveries, abduction stories - and video links - please keep the emails coming. I promise, no contact will go unread and some are getting mentioned in this new series of stories on UFOs - with tonight's piece being the first. I hope to carry this investigation throughout the week and continue reporting on the sightings, conspiracies and skeptics in this fascinating look into the mysterious world of unidentified flying objects.

I want to apologize for not getting this series launched yesterday, but I wanted to be more prepared in reporting on the UFO phenomena, I hope the wait was worth it for all of you scifi buffs following along.

Military mistake?

Military mistake?

Major admits F-16s in Erath County skies on January 8


The U.S. military knows something Erath County residents knew all along.

There were F-16s in the area the night of Jan. 8 - ten of them to be exact - when Steve Allen and friends saw an unidentified flying object appearing to be chased by two jets.

Two weeks after the sighting, Major Karl Lewis of the 301st Fighter Wing at the Naval Air Station Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base issued a press release admitting an error and releasing the fact that there were ten F-16s on training missions over Erath County that night.

Lewis said the information was released on Wednesday morning after an “internal communications error” was discovered.

When asked to clarify exactly what the error was, Lewis said, “That falls into operational procedures and we can't compromise those procedures because it could have an affect on operational security.”

Lewis said he moved forward with a press release “in the interest of public awareness.”

The document said, “Ten F-16s from the 457th Fighter Squadron were performing training operations from 6 - 8 p.m., Tuesday January 8, 2008 in the Brownwood Military Operating Area (MOA), which includes the airspace above Erath County.”

When asked what, exactly, the jets were doing that evening Lewis calmly said, “I can't speculate about what they were doing. We're a nation at war.”

Steve Allen has a question for the military now.

“If those jets were supposed to be in a military operating area then why were they over Selden?” Allen asked. “Selden and Stephenville are not supposed to be in those areas and Dublin is just right on the edge.”

Allen said as a pilot he is required to get a new aeronautical sectional map every six months.

“They should be held accountable for what they were doing here,” Allen said. “We kept saying there were F-16s in the area and nobody believed us.”


Stephenville Texas, UFOs in Texas

A local car dealership named J7 around the corner has the following ads playing on their billboard:

And the local students are selling these t-shirts:

Texas UFO investigators probe Stephenville sightings

Texas UFO investigators probe Stephenville sightings

10:32 PM CST on Saturday, January 19, 2008
By JEFFREY WEISS / The Dallas Morning News

DUBLIN, Texas – Anyone looking for answers about the recent mysterious lights in the Texas sky left here disappointed Saturday. But the big meeting hosted by the Mutual UFO Network delivered in plenty of other ways:

Decked out in his best alien attire, Dudley accompanies owner Parks Blackwell of Fort Worth to a Texas Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) meeting Saturday at the Rotary Building in Dublin, Texas. MUFON investigators took reports from people who claimed to have seen unidentified flying objects in nearby Stephenville.

Jokers in tinfoil hats, check. Funny UFO T-shirts, check. Crop circle conspiracy theorists, check. Fresh popcorn and Dublin's real-sugar Dr Pepper dispensed by the friendly folks from the local Rotary Club, check.

And even a hint of science and a sense that the cheerful mob scene might actually contribute to knowledge, if not definitive explanations.

"I think a lot of people saw the same things," said Laura Washburn of nearby Glen Rose.

Her son, Shane, saw something odd in the sky on the nights of Dec. 31 and Jan. 2. They spent a couple of hours in the crowd of more than 500 who packed the Dublin Rotary Club building, listening to many others telling their stories.

"Hearing so many other people takes away the feeling that I don't want to be the only one, the one that people say is crazy," Ms. Washburn said.

The meeting was triggered by local reports of slow-moving, glowing objects in the sky the night of Jan. 8. Three men told their stories to Angelia Joiner, a reporter for the Stephenville Empire-Tribune.

"The people were so genuine and so credible," Ms. Joiner said Saturday. "You could tell they really saw something."

Plus, it was a good tale that she figured her readers would like. She was right about that. Once her first story ran, other people came forward with similar stories. And once word of the reports traveled beyond the area, the world wanted to know more.

Every major news network has run stories about the lights in the sky near Stephenville. Two witnesses, plus Ms. Joiner, were remote guests Friday on Larry King Live.

MUFON was founded in 1969 and has chapters all over the U.S. The Colorado-based organization is a club for UFO buffs, but it's also a network of amateur investigators who try to evaluate every report they receive of something odd in the sky.

MUFON announced last week that it would hold a meeting to interview witnesses of the Stephenville-area lights.

The first site for the meeting was a livestock sales barn. That humble location didn't sit well with the Rotarians of Dublin, about 10 minutes down the road from Stephenville.

"It's kinda like we have company coming and we need to take care of them," said Pat Leatherwood, a member of the Dublin Rotary Club. "Whether or not you believe it, you can still be nice."

Texas MUFON officials gratefully accepted the Rotarians' offer of a comfortable place to talk to witnesses. By the end of Saturday afternoon, more than 200 people had formally filed their stories.

MUFON investigators are a cross between the Ghostbusters of the movie and the amateur detectives of the Scooby-Doo cartoons. Like the Ghostbusters, they know they're taking on a task with a high giggle factor.

But like Velma and Scooby's other cartoon companions, MUFON investigators take a scientific approach.

They look for clues, interview witnesses, analyze evidence. And like the Scoobies teenage detectives on the TV show, MUFON usually concludes that there's nothing unworldly about the sightings it investigates.

MUFON certifies its official investigators. They're trained to recognize unusual cloud patters, star formations, bugs flying close to the camera, light reflecting from the lens and myriad other ways an odd image can show up on a photo.

Robert Powell of Austin is MUFON's national director of research. He was in Dublin on Saturday to help out with the investigation.

What he was hoping to do was find stories that matched – people in different places who saw something similar at about the same time. But he knew that many of the stories would turn out to be something mundane.

"An unidentified flying object can turn out to be an airplane, and then it's identified," he said.

Steve Hudgeons of Fort Worth is MUFON's senior investigator for Texas. Mr. Hudgeons, 58, makes his living as a project manager for a construction company.

A few days before the big meeting, he described some of the problems his investigators would surely find. The biggest, ironically, is the massive publicity. Witnesses had a chance to hear from one another and talk among themselves. Often in such situations, people's memories shift, Mr. Hudgeons said. The other problem, he said, was that the intense media attention would pull people from the woodwork who have nothing useful to contribute.

"We are going to get people down there who have aluminum foil on their heads," he said with a sigh. "We always get that."

Which they did. They also got more witnesses in one place than MUFON had ever tried to interview. Like hooking a fire hose to a garden hose, the crowd blew out the normal careful interview process that MUFON tries to conduct about every report it gets.

One woman had a story about something she saw in 1957. Others had accounts from last month or last year.

Their descriptions of the lights ranged from included an aspirin with lights around the edges, to glowing orbs, to a wedge-shaped row of lights to and an enormous classic movie-special-effects flying saucer. Some witnesses were fuzzy about the time of their sighting. Others weren't clear about which way they were looking. But several of the witnesses were able to answer many of the long series of questions on the MUFON investigation form. How is their vision? Their hearing? Where were they at the time? Which direction did they look? Were they near an airport? Did what they see seem to hover? Wobble? Appear solid? Have fuzzy edges?

Over the next couple of months, MUFON's investigators plan to follow up with some of the witnesses and eventually produce a report about any patterns they were able to find in the accounts.

In the meantime, the locals are mostly having fun with the story. A Stephenville hotel has a goofy image of a green cartoon alien in a hotel suite sitting by the front desk. "He's on the fourth floor" of the three-story hotel, guests are told. A taco joint plays on the team colors of nearby Tarleton State University by claiming "aliens prefer purple tacos."

But some people are worried that the story will leave an image of their area as being filled with a bunch of UFO-seeing nuts.

Chris Baker, 37, lives in Dublin. He's seen only one unusual sight in the sky lately: "Just snow."

"I'm hoping after this weekend is over that people will start to forget about it," he said. "I don't think there is enough to it to make it a tourist attraction like Glen Rose and dinosaurs."


Maybe it came from the Dog Star

Special to the Star-Telegram

Truck driver Sean Kiel is the center of attention in downtown Dublin on Saturday. He took a photo of a strange object in the sky Jan. 8 on Interstate 20 near Cisco.
Truck driver Sean Kiel is the center of attention in downtown Dublin on Saturday. He took a photo of a strange object in the sky Jan. 8 on Interstate 20 near Cisco.

Once the excitement dies down in Stephenville, two scientists at area universities plan to take a scholarly look at whatever lighted the sky over Erath County this month.

Michael Hibbs, associate professor of math and physics at Tarleton State University in Stephenville, and Ron DiIulio, director of astronomy lab programs for the University of North Texas in Denton, said Saturday that they will gather data and interview witnesses to try to figure out what people saw.

"This is a chance for us to put together some science as to why," Hibbs said. "This is pretty cool. No, it's way cool."

DiIulio and Hibbs agree that people saw a UFO of sorts because it is unidentified and it appeared to be flying. They are especially interested in this sighting because of the number of people who reported seeing it.

"We know they saw something," Hibbs said. "We just want to know what it is."

DiIulio said he was not surprised that no one took photos of the UFO, since it was at night, it was cold and many people, especially older ones, don't carry cameras.

"We need more data," DiIulio said. "We want either an identified object or an unidentified one, but not a misidentified flying object."

Both scientists agreed that the photograph on the front page of Friday's Star-Telegram was not of a UFO. It was one of DiIulio's MFOs.

"From what I see by looking at this photo, it's a sun dog," DiIulio said.

Hibbs agreed. "It definitely was a sun dog," Hibbs said. "That photo has nothing to do with the Stephenville incident."

A truck driver took the photo using his cellphone camera on Jan. 8 on Interstate 20 near Cisco.

A sun dog is a little-known atmospheric phenomenon caused by ice crystals hanging in the air, reflecting sunlight through high clouds, DiIulio said. Cloud movements appear to make the sun dog move, too.

"You nearly always see them 22 degrees -- or 'two fists' -- on either side of the sun," he said. It usually happens near sunset.

DiIulio said American Indians used to report sun dogs.

"It's almost like a rainbow," DiIulio said. "It's pretty neat. Some people don't see the color, just the bright light."

He and Hibbs said they want to work with witnesses by going back to where the witnesses saw the lights. DiIulio and Hibbs will also look at the descriptions from Saturday's event in Dublin. And they're not scoffing.

"This is really exciting," Hibbs said. "Who would have guessed this would happen in Stephenville, Texas?"

Stop, look, take notes

Ron DiIulio, director of astronomy lab programs for the University of North Texas, offers these tips on what to do if you spot a UFO. DiIulio is also Jet Propulsion Laboratories-NASA's solar system ambassador, helping interpret science for the public.

Note immediate changes, such as if the object suddenly reverses or turns 90 degrees.

Know your compass points, and note the direction you are looking.

Count how far from north the object is using "fists." Stretch out your arm and level your fist on the horizon. Bring up your other fist. Cross your first arm over the second, keeping your arms together, and count how many fists left or right of north the object is. Nine fists left of north is northwest, etc.

In a similar way, find out how high the object is. Stretch out one arm and level a fist on the horizon. Then put the other fist on top of the first fist. Continue to stack fists until they reach the object. Two fists equal 20 degrees, nine fists equal 90 degrees, etc.

E-mail questions to DiIulio at starman@unt.edu.


Bright lights, big crowds in Dublin

UFO investigators land in Dublin to quiz locals

Star-Telegram staff writer

Mutual UFO Network field investigator Michael DeGroff interviews Shane Washburn, 14, of Glen Rose in Dublin on Saturday.
Mutual UFO Network field investigator Michael DeGroff interviews Shane Washburn, 14, of Glen Rose in Dublin on Saturday.

DUBLIN -- It was a crowded cacophony of confusion.

On Saturday afternoon, about 50 people who saw impossibly bright lights in the skies about nearby Stephenville 12 days ago gathered in Dublin to talk about what they saw with interviewers from the Mutual UFO Network.

The witnesses were swept into whirlpools of media representatives carrying video cameras and at least one "posse" from a Dallas radio station, whose members were intent on blocking the front door of the meeting room to take pictures of themselves wearing aluminum-foil hats. And there were the circling curiosity seekers.

Despite about 400 pushing and shoving onlookers, seven MUFON investigators gathered a lot of information from respectable sources, said Kenneth Cherry of Keller, director of the organization's Texas chapter.

But did they uncover a visitation from alien beings?

"We believe there is some sort of phenomenon in action here," Cherry said. "We see a pattern. But it will take months to investigate."

Several dozen people living in or near Stephenville, including an Erath County constable and several business owners, insist that around Jan. 8, they saw a large silent object flying lower to the ground and faster than an airplane would.

They also said the object's lights changed configuration, unlike those of a plane. Some reported seeing it chased by fighter jets.

On Saturday, Steve Allen of Glen Rose, who said he was a pilot, described what he saw:

"We were sitting around the campfire. I looked off to the east, and we saw several sets of lights coming toward us very fast. They were brighter than the glare from welding.

"The first time we saw it, the duration was three minutes; then it started slowing down and passed us, and the lights in the back reformed into an arc shape, and they would flash on and off with no particular pattern. Then those changed into two vertical lines. It was totally silent."

Before talking to investigators, witnesses filled out forms that included questions about the object's direction, distance and flying behavior. They were asked to sketch what they saw. Then they sat down to be interviewed by MUFON investigators for about 15 minutes each.

"I wanted to come today because this is too important to stay silent about," said James Huse of Stephenville. "It hovered above my house."

Cherry said MUFON will study the testimony for several months to a year before releasing any findings. And even then, don't expect an announcement about green men in an alien mother ship.

MUFON doesn't use that sort of terminology. At most, the group will make a statement that whatever happened at Stephenville can be explained, or it can't.

That's it.

"We do not promote the existence of alien ships," Cherry said. "All we are trying to do is figure out if we can explain it or not, and then we'll let the chips fall where they may."

MUFON welcomed Saturday's event, Cherry said, because it made some people more comfortable talking about sightings, it got the organization's name into public view and it added to the body of data collected by MUFON, which was organized in 1969.

Seen a UFO?

To report a sighting, call MUFON state Director Kenneth Cherry at 817-379-0773 or fill out a report form at www.mufon.com.


Stephenville and the end of it all

Star-Telegram staff writer

A German newspaper has scooped us.

When mysterious lights were reported in Stephenville, the Regensburg ShortNews bannered the news with the headline:


End of Times Near

The report went on to explain how the good people of Erath County have spent the last 12 days scouring the skies for unidentified flying objects after several people said they got buzzed Jan. 8 by something bright and about the size of a flying Wal-Mart.

As a report, the ShortNews comes up -- well, short.

No photos. Not even a shot of Tony Romo with Jessica hovering.

Plus, the report never explains exactly what a big, bright illusion in Texas has to do with the end of the world.

If a higher power wanted to warn us about impending Armageddon, would the warning start in the sky over the Loco Coyote Grill?

As it turns out, the bright light was probably a weather phenomenon called a "superior mirage."

Even folks who believe in the impending end of the world don't think it will involve UFOs or anything in a cellphone picture on Anderson Cooper 360.

To check, I went directly to the local experts on end-of-the-world delusions: Endtime magazine.

Pentecostal Pastor Irvin Baxter of Garland founded Endtime 18 years ago in Indiana. It has 30,000 readers, even though the title prediction has never come true.

Four years ago, Baxter moved Endtime to Texas, where most of his readers live somewhere between reality and the Book of Revelation.

Endtime connects world events to biblical predictions. It's sort of a U.S. News and End of the World Report.

On his MySpace.com page, Baxter delivers his urgent message.

"We are in the endtime right now," he writes.

"If you would like to subscribe to my magazine, Endtime magazine, please call ... "

Notably, although he thinks the world is coming to an end, that doesn't stop him from selling a six-year subscription ($59).

But even Baxter says not to worry about UFOs.

"I don't know whether I even believe in them," he said by phone from Outer Garland.

"Could there be life out there? Sure. But as far as whether they're part of any biblical prophecy -- I see no evidence of that."

Baxter sticks to more worldly fears:

ID cards are the work of the devil, or at least the shadow world government.

A select few "men who run the world" control the Vatican, communism and the environmental movement.

Secret microchips track us everywhere.

"These are things we can prove," he said.

Uh -- OK.

People who fear UFOs "don't really have a solid understanding of prophecy," he said. "We don't want to be part of any groundless speculation."

Of course not.

Closer to Earth -- not to mention Erath County -- the Rev. Kirk Plaxco leads the more grounded Stephenville Ministerial Association.

"There is definitely a fascination with the 'end times,'" he said by phone from the First Church of the Nazarene. "But I don't think a UFO sighting or a bright light in the sky is anything to worry about."

He and his fellow Stephenville pastors have a task this morning. They'll remind worshippers that all of us will someday meet our end, but nobody is licensed to predict the end of the world.

"If this is the 'end times,' then it really doesn't do us a lot of good to waste time hemming and hawing about it," Plaxco said. "We are told to live day to day for Jesus Christ. It doesn't matter which day."

Plaxco said "sensationalists" use events such as the UFO sightings near Stephenville to "get up and spout off."

But he also sees divine guidance in our fears.

"God put the fear in our hearts," he said, "so we would be hungry for answers."

And so we'd look toward the heavens.

Bud Kennedy's column appears Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays. 817-390-7538


Stephenville Texas, UFOs in Texas

On Jan. 8th I was driving from Granbury to Stephenville, TX, and I filmed the beautiful sunset around the same time the UFO sightings were reported. Unfortunately I didn't see anything out of the ordinary.

Lets keep posting those news stories!

His UFO sighting is captured on cellphone

Star-Telegram Staff Writer

A cell phone photo shot Jan. 8 by trucker Sean Kiel of New Haven, Ky., shows what Kiel says is a curious object in the sky near Cisco.
Photo Courtesy Sean Kiel
A cell phone photo shot Jan. 8 by trucker Sean Kiel of New Haven, Ky., shows what Kiel says is a curious object in the sky near Cisco.

Is it a UFO?

Can't say for sure.

But truck driver Sean Kiel said he photographed an unidentified flying object with his cellphone as he drove along Interstate 20 near Cisco on Jan. 8. Cisco is about 45 miles northwest of Stephenville, where dozens of people have reported seeing UFOs.

"It looked like a meteor entering the atmosphere," said Kiel, who was driving from Louisville, Ky., to Brady. "It looked like a fireball. It had a long tail and it was extremely bright. And then the light seemed to dissipate and there was a dark object, right when the sun was going down.

"It was more like a big cigar with lights all over it that changed colors," he said. "It was at least 300 yards wide. It was being escorted by some type of slow-moving military craft, maybe helicopters."

Kiel said the object disappeared from his view, but reappeared as he turned south onto U.S. 183. It seemed to be rotating counterclockwise, he said, with the lights disappearing one by one on its left side while reappearing one by one on its right.

His story is similar to those told by several dozen people living in or near Stephenville, including a pilot, the Erath County constable and business owners. They insist that they have seen a large silent object with bright lights flying low and fast. Locals swear that it was larger, quieter, faster and lower than an airplane.

They also said that the object's lights changed configuration, unlike those of a plane. Some reported seeing it chased by fighter jets.

The reports captured the country's attention as newspapers, television newscasts and blogs repeated the claims from Florida to Canada and beyond. The media has invaded the town of 15,000 -- known mostly for high school football and dairy farms -- about 70 miles southwest of Fort Worth.

Kiel, of New Haven, Ky., contacted Sherry Webb of the Texas Dairy Review in Stephenville. She put him in touch with the Star-Telegram.

"I thought the photos looked interesting," Webb said.

The Mutual UFO Network plans to interview witnesses starting at 1 p.m. Saturday in Dublin, a few miles southwest of Stephenville.

Kiel said he didn't know if he would be able to attend, so he told his story to the Star-Telegram.

"It turned in an L shape. It didn't curve into the turn like an airplane would," he said. "And then it took off. I could see for a long ways, but in less than 20 seconds it was out of my sight."


The Texas chapter of the Mutual UFO Network plans to begin interviewing witnesses at 1 p.m. Saturday in a meeting room in downtown Dublin near the Dr Pepper plant. To report a sighting, call MUFON state director Kenneth Cherry at 817-379-0773 or fill out a report at www.mufon.com.

MATT FRAZIER, 817-390-7957

More UFO Sighting Reports

Hico, Texas-11-07-07

On November 17, 2007, at 4 am at our ranch 6 miles east of Hico, Texas on Hwy 6, my husband, son, grandson and I spotted a UFO in the Northeast sky. It was a very clear, cool morning and we were on our porch having coffee waiting for the sun to rise when we observed what we thought was a VERY bright star a little larger than the North Star.

Suddenly, it dropped straight down about ½ inch and we thought we were witnessing a plane falling. For over an hour we witnessed the object with binoculars moving at extreme angles, left, right, up and down, always returning to its original position. At times, it was a solid red light. It appeared to be huge, located very high in the universe, moving at extreme speeds.

I took several pictures with my night lens digital camera but for some reason it didn't capture the UFO. Recalling that my daughter-in-law experienced a close encounter with a UFO many years ago, taking a whole roll of film that didn't come out, I took pictures of the sky and stars which clearly developed.

We told all our friends about the incident but didn't report it until now after hearing about other UFO incidents. There is no way anyone in this world has the capability to manufacture such an object that can maneuver at such speed so far up in the universe. We own a large company in Dallas and go to our ranch in Hico on the weekends.-source: www.ufocasebook.com

McKinney, Texas-12-13-07

We live in McKinney TX. On December 13, 2007. We were driving on Stonebridge Drive in McKinney to a Christmas party and my husband and I observed a large green flash in the sky. We both said "did you just see that?" My husband said it must be a falling start or meteorite? I said "it was green... are they green?"

It was very large and not to high in the sky. It was very strange I have seen falling stars but not that color, size or closeness to the earth. Just thought I would let you know. Lisa in McKinney TX. source: www.ufocasebook.com

Comanche, Texas-01-08-08

My husband and I were driving from Comanche, TX to Brownwood, TX south on Hwy 377 on January 8, 2008 when I saw a bright red light out of the corner of my eye up in the sky.

I told my husband to look and asked him what he thought it was. I thought it was one of those towers that have 3 blinking red lights. I asked my husband what he thought it was. It then turned bright black. My husband commented that it could be a satellite .

But then it faded out and appeared again just to the right of where it had originally been. Then all of the sudden there were two of them. Then, before we knew it they jetted off over the sky extremely fast.

We just laughed it off, because we felt crazy for even thinking that it could be a UFO. Then we saw it on the news the other night. I couldn't believe other people had seen it too!

Stephenville is getting all of the attention, but I believe that is was right over Comanche. I know it was directly over Comanche because I remember I was looking straight up out of my windshield to see it. I feel crazy for even reporting this, but I had to tell somebody! source: www.mufon.com

Denton, Texas-01-11-08

My son saw this on his way to work. He drives from Denton, by way of the back roads. It's a faster route to work. At approximately 6.50 am, he turned east on 455 from Running Bear Road. He saw bright black lights coming over the hill, on the opposite side of the dam. His first thought was (air craft). He had been in the Navy, in the past. He is familiar with aircraft. He started looking for the red and green lights. Not only did he not see them, but it was flying very slow approximately 30 mph. 30-50 yards away.

It seemed to be hugging the shore line, flying at eye level. He slowed down, opened the car window, observed the craft as it went past. It made no sound at all. Black and gray in color. Delta shape. No bigger than his 1978 Thunderbird. Rectangular rear, with three large round openings in the side. No apparent thrust, no fire, etc.

The top of the craft looked as if it had an extended canopy. Running about three quarters of the way down the fuselage. It was metallic as well. The bottom looked like it had panel lines. As I said, it had three black lights under it. Non blinking! He stopped by the house for a refill on his coffee, told my wife about it, drew a picture of the craft, and wrote down all the details, then went off to work.

After telling a co-worker at the shop his story, the guy told him he had seen it as well. But thinking people would think he was nuts, didn't say anything. His friend had seen it in Sanger.[The town on the other side of the dam.] Later the news ran a story on a sighting in Stephenville TX. They are approximately 60 miles south of us. The object they saw was very large. I see no comparison to that craft, but wonder if they are related in some way. All I have to say is, is it one of ours? (This technology is out of this world) source: www.mufon.com





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It was directly above Highway 67 traveling towards Stephenville at a high rate of speed - about 3000 miles per hour is what I would estimate. ...
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Stephenville, Texas residents allege to have seen an unidentified flying object, or UFO, on Jan. 8. The Mutual UFO Network will visit the residents and ...
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The Mutual UFO Network, one of the oldest and largest UFO investigative organizations in the US, is now planning to visit Stephenville, 60 miles south west ...
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Several dozen people around the small north Texas town of Stephenville say they saw something VERY unusual in the skies last week... and they want to know ...
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... including a pilot, police officer and business owners insist they have seen a sparkling UFO stalking the tiny Texas farming community of Stephenville. ...
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... are reported each month, mostly in California, Colorado and Texas, according to the Mutual UFO Network, which plans to visit Stephenville next weekend.
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Dozens of people in the Texas town of Stephenville have reported seeing strange objects in the night sky last week, which many believe to be a UFO. ...
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It seems the smallfarming community of Stephenville is totally agog over recent sightingsof UFOs in the night skies. Let me clarify that first. ...
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Dozens of eyewitnesses have reported seeing a mile-long UFO being pursued by fighter jets last week in the small town of Stephenville, Texas. ...
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Stephenville , Texas has become a hot bed for UFO trackers and Extra Terrestrial seekers after several residents have reported seeing things in the sky that ...
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The Stephenville Texas UFO was reportedly seen by dozens of people as the locals claim to have seen a large metal object with bright lights flying low and ...
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15 (Xinhuanet)-- Several dozen people in Stephenville, Texas, said they sighted what they believed is a UFO, US media reported Tuesday. ...
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STEPHENVILLE, Texas — In this farming community where nightfall usually brings clear, starry skies, residents are abuzz over reported sightings of what many ...
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STEPHENVILLE, Texas — In this farming community where nightfall usually brings clear, starry skies, residents are abuzz over reported sightings of what many ...
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Stephenville, TX (AHN) - Residents of a Texas community found themselves stunned by a celestial scene involving what many believe was a UFO. ...
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STEPHENVILLE, Texas (AP) - Some folks in Erath (EE'-rath) County swear they saw a weird, low-flying, brightly lit object on January 8th. ...
Stephenville area abuzz over reported UFO sightings
KDBC4, TX - Jan 14, 2008
AP - January 14, 2008 6:35 PM ET STEPHENVILLE, Texas (AP) - People in the Stephenville area are abuzz over reported sightings of what some believe -- is a ...
Dozens in Texas Town Report Seeing UFO
The Associated Press - Jan 14, 2008
STEPHENVILLE, Texas (AP) — In this farming community where nightfall usually brings clear, starry skies, residents are abuzz over reported sightings of what ...

Pilot Says He Can Explain Stephenville UFO Sightings

A Fort Worth medical helicopter pilot said he knows what caused the strange lights that appeared in the sky near Stephenville last week.Chuck Mueller was flying a medical helicopter from a Fort Worth hospital, heading south just after sunset last Thursday.

He said he saw unusual lights on the horizon near Granbury."We were maybe five minutes into the flight when we saw the lights come on, one little orange light, and then another one and another one in sequence across the sky," he said.

His description is similar to what a county constable and dozens of others in Stephenville had described seeing two nights earlier."And it was something that I'd never seen before," Mueller said. "And I looked at the medic and he looked at me, and we were like, 'What was that?'"Muller, a former Army pilot in Iraq, said an explanation "kind of hit" him."

I'll bet that was an airplane dropping flares, dispensing flares as he was flying along," he said. "It all makes sense. The color was right."Stephenville is close to the Brownwood Military Operations Area, a major training area for fighter jets.

Other witnesses said they would like to believe Mueller's theory, but it doesn't answer all of their questions."But it doesn't explain these little lights," Erath County Constable Lee Roy Gaitan said. "And then the thing about it is just the speed."They said the lights zipped across the sky at lightning speed."An airplane can't do that," Gaitan said. "A helicopter can't do that."An Air Force spokesman at Fort Worth's Joint Reserve Base said there were no military planes at all in the area last Tuesday.