United Nations Secret Meeting on UFOs

A lot has been said as of late on the apparent trend of UFO reports being treated with more respect by mainstream media. This trend seems to have begun with the O'Hare Airport sightings, and reached fruition with the recent Texas sightings near Stephenville. Now there is a report from researcher Michael Salla, who claims to have insider information that confirms a series of meetings on alien contact held in secret by a group sanctioned by the United Nations.

These meetings are reported to have spanned three days, beginning on February 12. Supposedly, three United States Senators have asked for further meetings on the subject. The primary concern of these meetings was dealing with public reaction to an announcement that alien contact has, or will soon occur. Also discussed was a policy which would take the UFO situation more seriously, and the possible reestablishment of a UFO study group reminiscent of Project Blue Book, which was terminated officially in 1969. The official U.S. government's position on UFOs is that they do not study or research UFO sightings.

French Expert Confirms Secret United Nations Meeting on UFOs will give you more details on these meetings. Very interesting indeed. Is it possible that finally our governments will release information on UFOs to the general public?

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