UFOs Continue to Invade CNN's Air Time

by Giuliano Marinkovic

From the July of last year, mainstream talk show "Larry King Show Live" that airs each day on CNN has devoted his air time 4 times to the subject of UFO's. We were able to watch debate about 60th Anniversary of Roswell and annoucment of the exclusive press conference in National Press Club about UFO's that happened in the last November. In the later shows, Larry has presented different views about Stephenville UFO sightings.

It seems that UFO's are continuing to occuppy CNN's air space. I am often watching CNN and many other cable channels. At March 19 arround 15:00 hours (GMT) something caught attention to my ears. I have immediately recognised the music theme from UK TV show "Jane Goldman Investigates". But the pictures that were rolling on my TV were nothing from that show. I could see the landing of UFO and the teleportation of 2 aliens. The clip has ended with big letters "WHAT'S COMING NEXT?" And I immediately said: "What? What is the deal with this thing?" I have checked the channel. It was CNN definetly. But I know the style of CNN commercials. They are always conventional and straight forward in the mainstream sense. CNN it often advertising international and famous bussines firms, Universites and Tourist Agencies. But this clip was so weird.

Everything has happened so fast so I have decided to try to capture the thing once again to see what was all about. And then – it happened again. Today. This time I was able to capture it. The commercial is starting with the group of people who are watching the sky. Like I said, after that we can see the UFO which is flying near the ground. 2 grey-looking aliens are teleported from UFO and they are joined with the group of people. Both groups (aliens and humans) are now watching the sky. The imperative is that the UFO is not the reason for watching. After that the narrator is saying that "marketing experts accros the Universe are asking what is coming next?". So the premise is that they are waiting for the 41.st IAA WORLD CONGRESS that will be held in Washington DC from April 7-9 2008. As the end of commercial big title on the screen says the web site of the event is available at:

IAA stands for International Advertising Association. Every two years IAA is organising the Intenrational Congress where the most famous and VIP marketing experts are speaking. During the 3-day program some of the speakers will be Kevin Johnson, President of Platforms and Services Divisoin in Microsoft, Jeff Zucker, president and CEO of NBC Universal and this-year Nobel Prize Winner Dr. Rajendra K. Pachauri from Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.Marketing experts from many companies and organisations like Universal McCann, Federal Trade Commission, DDB, Euro RSCG Worldwide, Dentsu, Media Link LLC, Association of National Advertisers, Hewlett-Packard Company, Interpublic Group, MediaCom, American Advertising Federation, Wall Street Journal, Agency Assessments International, Motorola, etc…will attend the event.

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