Physicist Dr. Jack Sarfatti posted my Burn Baby Burn article to a mailing list that includes some right wing military and intelligence people. An individual responded saying, "These people are the enemy!" This is exactly the problem we civilians have been up against for 60 years. We have been treated and targeted as the enemy while the real enemy of the American Republic and democracy worldwide are the global autocratic elitists.

The sad truth is that the militaries of the world have been manipulated and brainwashed into thinking that the public is the enemy by these entrenched global interests. Now it appears that factions of the military may be waking up and nipping on the heels of global elites in regards to UFO/ET disclosure.

Come on folks wake up and smell the coffee. Just think what would have happened to the environmentally destructive fossil fuels industry in the 1950s if ET related cheap, non polluting energy had become publicly available. What would have happened to the arms industry if peace would have broken out around the world? What would have happened to the whole transportation infrastructure monopolies if we transported in levitating anti-gravity vehicles? Who has the most to lose if extraterrestrial reality became common knowledge?

Its past time for the military and the media to wake up. These two institutions are the most critical to the future of this Republic. Should we really think that the people up at the top of the chain of command are constitutionally accountable and are really working in the public interest in regards to extraterrestrial realities? It´s pretty obvious to the general population that special interests not the people control the American government and other governments of the world.

Think, who ultimately determines the need to know? Is it the President, the Congress, the Judicial, the people? Really? Who is it that needs to operate in the utmost secrecy and the tightest security? Who does secrecy benefit the most? Who really runs the national security apparatus?

If you believe Big Brother knows best, well the more power to you but you are wrong. Wither you believe me or not the battle for the heart and soul of the military is in full swing in regards to extraterrestrial realities. We civilians have our counterparts in the military and intelligence community who have caught on to the game at hand. I just heard from Robert Morningstar who has relayed the following from his deep throat contact a military liaison from the Joint Chiefs of Staff to the State Department who serves under a Admiral.

"It is very ironic, Ed, that these concerns are exactly those that were voiced personally to me by our Source. The military of our country is not all "Gung Ho" on being pawns and flunkies of the New World Orderlies. They are not interested in being global policemen for a mob of greedy "Banksters" who are willing to sell out our country for the interests of the UN world ruler-ship or the "Socialist Gang-Green Peaceniks" of the European Union. Robert."

Dr. Michael Salla also had this to say in regards to source A. "Source A revealed that he was under command of an admiral. The US Navy is therefore spearheading a military effort to get the UFO/extraterrestrial issue on the public agenda in order to force greater national/global awareness." Michael gives additional material in support of this statement that is added as a addendum to this article.

This whole affair with information leaking out all over the place about this secret UN UFO meeting and the accompanying denials and discrediting operations ongoing show deep divisions in the military, the state department and the intelligence community over this matter of UFO/ET disclosure. Dr. Salla has taken the lead and most of the heat in this matter, but many people are involved, and leaks are coming from many sources all over the world as the dike breaks and both sides of the disclosure issue battle it out around the world and across the Internet.

The longer the battle goes on, the more people are going to catch on to the fact that it´s the criminal elite, the entrenched interests that are primarily responsible for the 60 year cover up of extraterrestrial reality and the extreme damage to society and the global environment. The global elite have had their day but now are on the run and I hope they will one day be captured and tried in The Hague for crimes against humanity. There should be no amnesty, no appeasement given to these sophisticated criminal gangsters who have done so much damage to society and the environment the past sixty years. We need to rid the world of these people and any extraterrestrial allies they might have assisting them.

Addendum by Dr. Michael Salla.

Aloha, below is an important communication from Robert Morningstar concerning Source A who first disclosed the secret UFO meetings at the UN. Morningstar was given permission to disclose more information about Source A in terms of him being a military liaison from the Joint Chiefs of Staff to the State Department. In the first communication from February 13, Source A revealed that he was under command of an admiral.

The US Navy is therefore spearheading a military effort to get the UFO/extraterrestrial issue on the public agenda in order to force greater national/global awareness. This is supported by a 2002 article written by Catherine Austin Fitts, a former Assistant Secretary to HUD about an initiative authorized by the Undersecretary for the US Navy through John Peterson's, Arlington Institute. The Navy asked for a study that disclosed to the public the truth about extraterrestrial life visiting and living among us. Here is what she wrote:

John asked me to help him with a high level strategic plan Arlington was planning to undertake for the Undersecretary of the Navy. At the time I was the target of an intense smear campaign that would lead the normal person to assume that I would be in jail shortly or worse. John explained that the Navy understood that it was all politics ---- they did not care.

I met with a group of high level people in the military in the process --- including the Undersecretary. According to John, the purpose of the plan --- discussed in front of several military or retired military officers and former government officials--- was to help the Navy adjust their operations for a world in which it was commonly known that aliens exist and live among us. http://www.scoop. HL0209/S00126. htm .

The question that arises is whether the role of the Navy behind Source A's disclosure of the UN UFO/extraterrestria l meetings is related to the 2002 secret study commissioned by the US Navy. In particular, does the US Navy have a disclosure plan that would circumvent the (MJ-12/PI-40) Control Group created to manage extraterrestrial affairs through secret Presidential executive orders? The answer to this question is important vis a vis Source A's revelation of the secret UN meetings, and his participation/ leaking of the meetings and what was discussed.

Source A's references to the undermining of public confidence in officials and institutions by continuing the "truth embargo" is a legitimate concern from the perspective of military officers who have a loyalty to the U.S. Constitution rather than narrow political partisan agendas or interests.

I have known of Source A for approximately 18 months soon after Clay and Shawn Pickering disclosed his identity to me in 2006. Robert Morningstar' s revelations of his military background is consistent with what I have been told, and of the prominent role the U.S. Navy is playing in promoting extraterrestrial disclosure.

In peace

Michael Salla, Ph.D.

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