Sorted out Sky Cam Pictures - Strange Object

Click on the thumbnails to view the original picture. There is one picture that intrigued me a little bit, but unfortunately the quality is too poor to ID the object with certainty, that's why I added some pictures with objects I was able to ID so it's easier to compare:


not sure





This is it: taken at 14:22 hours on March 5, 2008

It was shiny, descending when the picture was taken. It then flew a V shape and disappeared by flying straight up like a rocket until I could not see it anymore. I did not hear any engine noise.

I do not know much about airplanes, but I don't think they can fly straight up that fast without making a sound.

I further noticed flashes in the sky between 14.00 and 15.00 hours. It was as if somebody sat up there in the completely blue sky and playing with a mirror. Those were the same kind of quick flashes.

They occurred every few minutes, at least that I noticed, and they came from the same direction, so I disregarded the idea that it is an airplane too high up for me to see with my naked eye, because it would have to up there at the same spot for an hour. Didn't make any sense to me, however, it could be that there were a lot planes up this high

The object in the picture I saw shortly after

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AnnunakiX said...

Interesting. Too bad they are so small, too small probably identify. The world is watching now!!