Stephenville Sky Cam Time Lapses


AnnunakiX said...

Totally cool MissD. Way to go!!!

Anonymous said...


I watched the five videos and i'm asking myself what could be the strange shining ball shape object recorded in march, the 3rd near the right edge of the screen, very close to the top of the trees. It happens between 1'19" and 1'22". There's a lot of artefact due to video compression and it's very difficult to appreciate.
What's more, I think the framerate is too slow and some fast phenomenons can't be seen. Is it possible to take more pictures ?

While i'm complaining about the system's limits, you should understand that i'm french and very interested by what happened in Stephenville. Thanks a lot for your nice idea !

MissDolittle said...

Greetings to France :).

You may want to join this forum here and read this thread. This is where we discussing the cam and what we see there, including the sun flare (yes sorry, it's just a reflection from the sun) you saw, which intrigued us as well :).


Anonymous said...


Please, could it be possible to download these videos in a near future ? There are some pictures I can't see on pause mode.

Thank's a lot

Anonymous said...

typical ATC comment above there! That's expected!

AnnunakiX said...

"typical ATC comment above there! That's expected!"

Um, missdolittle that posted the comment is the one who is posting these images/videos silly. There is an active thread on the internet that happens to be on ATS. There is also some discussion on the Open Minds Forum about this too.