Jet hits UFO


Fighter plane struck by U.F.O in Romania

Jesse Perez

11/06/2008 4:14:00 PM.

Defence chiefs in Romania are investigating claims that one of their MIG 21 fighter planes was struck by an Unidentified Flying Object.

The claims came from a leaked report revealed that the cockpit of the jet was shattered in the collision.

Romanian defence ministry officials have ruled out a collision with "normal" objects such as birds and meteorites.

In the report, Chief investigator Commander Nicolae Grigorie said: 'We can definitely say what this thing was not, but we cannot say what it was.'

The incident was recorded on an in-flight camera as the plane was flying above Transylvania.

Pilot Marin Mitrica was injured slightly but managed to land the plane after the blow.

The collision is still a mystery to defence chiefs, and the investigation has been passed on to the Security Committee of European Air Forces.


06/11/2008 08:02 AM ID: 71334

UFO Collides With Fighter Jet Over Transylvania

Transylvania: A leaked report has revealed that a Romanian MIG-21 was hit by a number of unidentified flying objects. The pilot was able to land the plane despite the impact shattering the cockpit and causing him minor injuries.

The inflight camera was able to capture the incident. Officials from the Romanian Ministry of Defence have indicated that it was not a birdstrike, meteorite, or ice.

"We can definitely say what this thing was not, but we cannot say what it was," said Chief investigator Commander Nicolae Grigorie. The incident has been referred to the Security Committee of European Air Forces for further scrutiny.


Romanian MIG 21 mid-air UFO collision was Scareforce One blue ice

Written by queen mudder
Story written: 10 June 2008

image for Romanian MIG 21 mid-air UFO collision was Scareforce One blue ice
The President's plane was considerably lighter after the incident

Central Europe - (ET Mess): Diplomatc relations between the US and Romania have hit rock bottom after it emerged that an apparent UFO mid-air collision with a MIG 21 fighter jet was nothing more than half a tonne of well-aimed blue ice from George W Bush's Airforce One global runabout.

Bush was enroute to Slovenia for a Non-Aligned Crack Barons convention when the incident occurred.

His plane was buzzed by Romanian fighter jets after straying into Transylvanian sovereign airspace during an electrical storm.

"We thought he might be on a secret trip to his fatherland," Transylvanian air accident chief investigator Commander Nicolae Grigorie explained today, "and had skipped formalities such as an entry visa and landing taxes."

The Airforce One pilot reacted quickly, immediately retalliating by climbing high above the Russian-made MIG and opening up the sluices just after the President had had his usual post-prandial dump.

Shocked Romanian defence chiefs said the action constituted an act of whore and immediately filed a complaint with the UN Security Council.

An official report says the MIG's cockpit was shattered and the hapless pilot had to bail out at 33,000 feet, his near-useless parachute clogged up with shards of frozen semi-digested chili remains.

Condoleezza Rice is a militant vegan.

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