Angelia Joiner and The Stephenville Lights – and Alfred Webre - Wednesday June 4 - on the Richard Syrett Show

Toronto, ON, Canada June 2, 2008 – Angelia Joiner former staff writer for the Stephenville Empire Tribune will join host Richard Syrett and co-host Victor Viggiani this Wednesday June 4 on News Talk 1010 CFRB AM Toronto from 11:00 pm to midnight EST to discuss the Stephenville Lights UFO phenomenon.

Angelia uncovered what is today considered by many one of the most puzzling UFO events in North American history. Her eye witness interviews include pilots, police officers and local citizens, each of whom attest to having seen massive, solid rectangular unidentified craft hundreds of metres in length – moving silently 270 metres above them.

Angelia Joiner tells her story about how a small town in Texas in January of 2008 became a world focal point as their newspaper – The Stephenville Empire Tribune – first covered the story, creating international repercussions, and then shortly thereafter ceasing all coverage. Ms. Joiner's less than ceremonious departure from the Stephenville Empire Tribune portrays how, and possibly why mainstream journalists are pressured to play-down UFO events of high significance.

Rivaled only by the stunning Phoenix Lights of 1997 as brought to us by Dr. Lynne Kitei in an earlier interview on the Richard Syrett Show, the Stephenville Lights phenomenon enters the litany of UFO sightings receiving a "no comment" from our government and military officials.

Journalists world-wide are invited to call-in to speak with Ms. Joiner.

Other coverage of this event: http://www.reporternews.com/news/2008/feb/29/unwelcome-visits/

At midnight EST Richard and Victor will speak with Alfred Webre about the United Nations Decade of Contact Petition. The petition seeks 10,000 names to present to the UN a viable agenda of disclosure.

Currently at over 6700 names, the petition supports the disclosure of ET contact issues, public funding of ET research and a ban on weaponry in space.

While interviewing Alfred Webre – guests may call-in and speak with him and, all listeners are encouraged to go to the site to add their names to this historic appeal.

To review the petition go to:

All of this on News Talk 1010 CFRB Toronto AM radio.

Listen Live on the net at: www.cfrb.com

To speak with Richard, Victor and their guests call: Toll Free 1.800.561.CFRB – Local 416.872.1010 – or - Cell *TALK

Any journalist or editor wishing to speak with either guest confidentially is asked to use the contact information below.

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