UFO group explains Texas sightings

UFO group explains Texas sightings

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FORT WORTH, TEXAS (AP) -- A group that investigates UFO's says most of the 300 reported sightings in Texas dairy country this year -- were probably planets, cloud formations or stars.

But Kenneth Cherry with the Mutual UFO Network says some cases still remain a mystery.

His group examined the January and February phenomenon in Stephenville and Dublin.

Many Erath County residents are unfazed by the group's logical explanations for many sightings.

Pilot and freight company owner Steve Allen says, quote: "We all know what we saw."

Although some details differed, many folks reported seeing a large silent object with bright lights flying low and fast.

Air Force Reserve officials in Fort Worth initially said none of their planes were in the area.

Military authorities later said they were mistaken and that ten F-16 fighter jets were training in the Stephenville area.

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